Friday, May 26, 2006


Our 6 week road trip has come to an end. Tri Peaks was good for the team with 3 top 20 GC finishes, a 2nd and 2 5ths in stage placings, and a constant presence at the front of the race. You should be able to find race reports written by the riders on the team website real soon. and we will do a better job of keeping those updated as best we can. Highlights (and lowlights) of my race:
1) attacking in the crit and getting a 30m gap (yay!), crashing myself out of the race 3 corners later (aawww)
2) Attacking in Sat.'s RR and getting a 1:20 gap on the field (yippee!), being led the wrong direction in the race by the lead vehicle and losing at least half of my advantage (shucks)
3) Attacking with 2.5k to go in Sat.'s race and having a 40m gap and 1500m to go between me and ultimate glory (oooohhh!), being caught by a schmuck and pipped at the line for 2nd place (looooser)
As for Sun.'s race, the highlight for me was definitely our leadout train heading toward the base of the final climb. Having all 6 of us in a line smoking it with Toyota, Health Net and all the other 100+ riders taking a back seat to the Priority Health Express was exhilerating for me. Nice work boys - good practice for the big 'uns coming up. A very special thanks to Don, Margy, Don, Doreen, Liz, and Z-Man for coming to cheer on the team in our Arkansas campaign. It meant soooo much to me to have you guys there! I hope it was worth your while.
Now it's home for 9 days to rest and recupe. Yeah right! 12hrs and 380ks in the last 2 days - beat that Tommy!! It does feel great to be home and back to homeostasis. The weather has been fantastic here in Boulder and I've done my best to take advantage.
Here I was trying to take a picture of the swollen Boulder Creek, but some hottie got in the way.

Scotty and I enjoying the view and the weather at 9000+ ft during our 6 hour day "at the office"

Here is Frank and I after our first ever motorpacing experience. This is actually what I look like when I'm faking a smile while trying to avoid passing out from exhaustion/dehydration.

I'm posting this for legal purposes: this was my attempt to catch a vicious canine in the act of trying to bite my leg off as I was riding back to our Fayetteville place (this happened roughly 4-5 times per ride by various dogs). "Fido" had just given up on me to avoid being smushed by the oncoming car. The reason he looks so small is that he's actually 1/4 mile away from me at this point.
So, upcoming races for the team:
June 1 - Captech (VA)
June 3 - CSC Invite (NJ?)
June 4 - Lancaster (PA)
June 8 - Reading (PA)
June 11 - Philly (PA)
June 13-18 - Tour de Beauce (somewhere in Canada, eh)
theme: big, big, big
I won't be racing the CSC Invite or Lancaster due to roster restrictions in the race, but I will still be the ultimate cheerleader (think skirt and pompoms). Here's to tailwinds and no bad luck!


Keith said...

Yo Tom, Was good to see you this weekend and nice to see you still kicking some tail! Lemme know when you're in town next and taking an easy ride ... so I can get some interval work in in your draft :D Keith

Scott said...

Wanna know something funny?...over the weekend at Quad Cities people kept thinking we (U23ers) were you. "On the inside Zirbel" "Hey Zirbel!" "'re Zirbel's teammate" They must be confusing my massive arm muscles with yours.

Thor said...

Scott - did you grow a mullet since I last saw you??? Cuz that would cause some confusion, I would imagine. How'd the racing go? Was Snake Alley as scary as it sounds?

Anonymous said...

Hey Zirbel Dawg, thanks for the comment man - I do my best to follow the example Glen sets (bike rider Glen that is, not the other rider)! I'm also learning a lot from your photo skills too, you seem to have it pretty sussed dude, will you be starting up a new website soon?!

Anonymous said...

The "Priority Health Express" has a nice ring to it!

Scott said... mullet. I'm convinced that its the arm muscles.

Ian Stanford said...

Thor. Thanks for the TT bike compliment. The truth is the HED VO 4 is actually a Stealth Fighter in disguise. It is now part of my "war machine" that I plan to use to fight the "axis of evil" that exists in professional cycling. It is my "weapon of mass destruction." Actually, it has been quite fun to ride. Fast. I have a 40 K TT this weekend to go drool all over on its top tube.
What is up with the Mullet talk? This thing must be taking on a life of its own. It is so "Thor!" Keep er growing. Talk soon. -Ian