Friday, April 26, 2013

There's a reason it's so green here...

We're hanging out here in Fayetteville, Arkansas awaiting the start of Stage 2 of the Joe Martin Stage Race. The last two days we've been commenting on how pretty it is out here with the quiet, rolling roads and the beautiful green countryside. It shouldn't come as much of a surprise then that today it is currently pouring down rain with only 4 hrs to go to the start. Fingers crossed that the lightning/thunder passes on through so we can compete in one of the longest non-circuit road race courses that we do all year on the NRC calendar.
Day 1 went well for us. It's the one day of the year that I attempt to convince myself that I'm a mountain goat and not a plains buffalo. Every year I get slightly deflated at seeing my time/placing after the uphill TT and this year was no different. However, Haga continued to show his great form and rode to an impressive 2nd on the stage. Plus, we brought a very strong sprint team so it should be a fun race...if this weather can cooperate a little today.
A lot has happened since my last post. For one, the racing season started! In addition, I got to see and race in Portugal for the first time ever. I had a great time racing and seeing some sights in that cool little country. I would definitely recommend a visit if you're thinking of a European getaway!
Here, Salas poses on the wall of an incredibly cool castle where the 1st stage of the Volta ao Alentejo finished.
After all of that great racing and sightseeing in Portugal, I basically came home to this:
Boulder had record setting snowfall in the month of April at just under 4 feet! Makes it a little difficult to train consistently...especially if you're becoming more and more of a fair-weather trainer like me. ;-)
So, that's the condensed version of what's been happening the last 6 weeks or so. This week is Joe Martin, next week is Gila, and a few days of recovery before the big ol' Amgen Tour of California. Lots of great racing coming up!