Monday, May 28, 2007

Summer Time!

Since Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, I thought I'd post some summery pics for the occasion.
This is a scenic overlook of Ole Miss with my buddy the General. I have to say I was quite impressed with the caliber of riding in NE Iowa! Just so you know, Lee is a cat. 1 racer but he's no slave to fashion.

This is the midpoint of my favorite area ride - Estes Park. That white building is the Stanley Hotel, I believe. (Think "The Shining")
Matt and I on a country road heading to Ft. Collins to meet up with Joel who was riding down from Laramie, WY.
Matt and I lounging in easy chairs drinking coffee as Joel slays himself into a massive headwind trying to meet us in Ft. Collins.

Following our rendevous and subsequent ride back to Boulder, we had time and just enough energy to bbq, swim, hottub it, and do a little posing as well. This accentuates my attractive tan lines. Take your eyes of my impressive guns for a second and notice my bib tan line on my back. Somehow I'm tanning through my jersey as well! As a result, I'm accepting applications from women who could apply sunscreen to my back daily before my rides.

Logan utilizing his uncanny ability to take group photos at arm's length. Lev, Carri, Matt, Joel, and Logan.
Memorial Day in Boulder also means Bolder Boulder 10k time, which just happens to start 40m from our deck. 50,000+ people racing, walking, jogging, or roaming aimlessly past our place this morning. This photo inadvertantly caught the kid in the grey shirt hopping the fence to run bandit. I've already alerted the proper authorities.
Have a good summer everyone!

Friday, May 04, 2007

"patience young grasshopper"

that's my theme these days. I just had to post something cuz that "Life as a Gimp" post was up there way too long and was kind of a Debbie Downer. Nothing too crazy and exciting in my world right now. I love to ride my bike...that's cool I guess. I'm the zone 2 master these days. Nothing intense. I told Huff that and he texted back "zone 2 = zone gay. you need zone huff." What a dork. I guess when you win a World Championship medal you can get away with comments like that though...
I'm having a hard time following the Gila race going on right now. I didn't realize how much I wanted to be there until it started and I'm sitting here at home moping. The team seems to be fired up to race though. BJM somehow pulled off a 2nd place in the TT at altitude - I don't know how he does it. And the guys did very well at Georgia too. All these cool races I'm missing....must repeat mantra.
So I took a temp job working evenings M-F 5:30-10:30. Just something to keep me occupied because I can't stand being stuck at home while not being able to train full force. Basically, the job is grading written responses from 4-5 graders. It's actually not as tedious as it sounds. Those little squirts get pretty creative at times and it's fairly entertaining as a result. That lasts one more week, then it's back to the Homeland at some point to visit fam and friends. After that it will be time to start thinking about whipping myself (somewhat) into racing shape! Training camp, anyone? Boise, CO Springs, Boulder??? Anyone interested in a block of eatin, sleepin, and trainin (focussing on the latter two) sometime between late May through early July should contact me with a well written proposal.
Oh, and Meatball Friedman makes his return from the woes of clottiness to the racing circuit this week at Dunkirk. Yay for comebacks!
Take care, ya'll.