Saturday, August 30, 2008

the Morning of...

I roll off in just over 3 hours for TT Nationals. I feel really fit and confident at the moment. The course is a little technical and definitely hillier than the profile gives it credit for. All my preparations have gone well and it's time to execute. My body seems to be awaiting the serious trauma that will commence in a few hours. Kind of like the calm before the storm, in a way.
I'm ready.

Monday, August 11, 2008

"America's Toughest Stage Race"

So say those crazy Utah people anyway. But can they really be trusted? There are a lot of crazy long and mountainous races down in South America that I know of but maybe I'm just nit-picking. The Tour of Utah kicks off this week right in our main man Burke's backyard. So bring your climbing legs and your oxygen tanks cuz there's gonna be some throw downs in the Utah high country this week!
Do you realize this season is winding down, people?? I only have this tour, USPro RR&TT and then finish off the season with the Tour of Missouri. I'm glad I get to finish off the season doing races that I'm excited about! Then a glorious offseason filled with activity (or inactivity) yet to be determined.
Oh, and the Tour of Elk Grove was fun at times and very frustrating/hard at times. Highlights: feeling unbelievably good out on the TT course. I can only hope I feel that good at TT Nats or Missouri. Other highlights included getting 2 giant novelty checks on the podium and getting kisses from 2 (18 yr old) podium girls up on stage. Both of those events now have check marks next to them on my "to-do before I die" list. So in that sense - what a successful tour it was!! Let's hope for more of the same from the Bissell team this week.