Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mulligan, please

Is that the word I want? Isn't that the term in golf for when you slice your tee shot into the drink and you want a "do over"? You just pretend that the shot never happened and try it again. Well, that's what Captech is for us. I think we're allowed 1 or 2 mulligans per year - and this was one of them. Everyone save Robbie had a crummy race and we're not really sure why. I was disgusted with how fast I was popped off the group, but I'm not going to dwell on it. Robbie did an awesome job sticking with the group in what many say is the toughest crit of the year. Even though he started cramping bad with 4 laps to go or so, he hung tough and finished the race.
Moving on:
CSC today and Lancaster tomorrow. I've been told these are hella-fast races and should be fun to watch. The guys are looking for some redemption and are ready to suffer. I will be racing Reading on Wed. but will not be racing Philly next Sun. Instead, I will be racing a 9mi TT on Sat. and resting up for Beauce. I can't wait to get out there - you're only as good as your last race, right? :)

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logangarey said...

Hey Twinkle toes,
Don't sweat that crap. Hang tough newkids style and kill those mothas next time!