Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm back from the Tour of Battenkill in upstate NY and it was actually a pretty cool trip. I was able to get on the podium on Saturday's race which wasn't really the plan - I was kinda supposed to save things for Sunday but sometimes things don't work out the way you plan them. I wrote about the race on the team site. Sunday went not so well for me cuz I flatted on the first lap and didn't get any neutral service - I think they were out of wheels from so many flats! However, the other 4 Bissell dudes showed some grit by finishing the 200k classic style race.
Every once in awhile people ask me what I do with all my free time on the road. Well, when I'm staying at a camp resort in a room by myself with no T.V., no computer, no cell phone reception and no crosswords handy....
I finish a 489 piece jigsaw puzzle over the weekend (11 pieces were missing - which btw makes things more difficult not less b/c you end up spending all sorts of time looking for pieces that aren't there).

Actually this was my roommate for the first day or so, but he was sick (too much coffee?) and I had to put him out of his misery when I saw him stumbling around on the floor the next day. :(

So, that area of New York is pretty cool. The race was in Cambridge/Greenwich area and is surrounded by hills and trees and rivers and all sort of pretty scenery. I was impressed. And all of the locals seemed to really get behind the race which always makes it more rewarding for us. I think the race will keep getting bigger and better as well.
As for Boulder, our weather has done a 360 and today was georgeous. I thoroughly enjoyed my recovery ride today.

This is a picture from the Stone Cup coffee shop in Lyons during my pit stop today. I really like Lyons and would think about living there if it wasn't so far from the airport. But I took the picture to poke fun at the coffee shop b/c they have an American flag w the peace sign in place of the stars and a flag of the earth. Can you be more Hippie than that??

Up next for me is the Tour of the Gila followed closely by Joe Martin Stage Race. I'm looking forward to both - should be some goooood racin!!!
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Uncle!" you win Weather

This fella recently had a B-Day. I also post this pic to remind me of better days. Rain, sleet, hail mix today in Boulder. 100% chance of snow this weekend. It's mid-April, folks. Enough already.
If my flight actually gets off the ground tomorrow morning, I am headed to the Tour of Battenkill in NY with Omer, Frank, Sheldon, and Graham. No snow in the forecast so that's promising.