Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Life as a Gimp

Well, nothing much new from my corner of the world. I get lots of blood drawn and am now well known by all the nurses and secretaries in the clinic that I go to. I'm starting to pedal around a bit and plan to ease in to some of that training business starting this week. I'm kinda sorta planning to be racing again in July but that'll depend on how the treatment goes from now till then. When I'm not sitting in a healthcare facility, I've been spending most of my time hanging out with my Colorado pals who I haven't seen for months. That's been great and has helped keep me afloat. I still have people in the state who I can't wait to see again (Jen, Kenny, Sara, Eli, Sarah, et al.) which should keep me busy traveling around and focussing on something other than all the cool races that I'm missing and how much I could be helping my team right now.
I probably won't update this thing too often as I doubt I'll have anything worthwhile to say. Just know that I'm doing fine and I'm right on track with my treatment. I don't think I'm quite ready to call it a year and so I kinda think I should win a few races in the last few months of the season. Thanks for all the phone calls, emails, and blog comments concerning my excessive blood coagulation. Oh, this is kind of funny: for the first 10 days of my treatment, I was giving myself injections of an anticoagulant. And so everyday I would come home, this wave of guilt and embarrassment would come over me when I'd see syringes lying on the table in plain sight of anyone who came in - like I was doing something shady. It was amusing. It would quickly pass, but that initial feeling was uncontrollable. I thought about staging a photo of me giving myself an injection while wearing my chamois, but decided it might be in poor taste given the ultra-sensitive state we've been forced into.
Alright, thanks for reading and all of your support.