Thursday, June 06, 2013

Stars and Bars

It seems I'm getting worse and worse with this blog updating. However on the bright side, I've been trying to take more photos recently to document the interesting things I come across so we'll actually have some visual with this post!
First off - hip, hip, hooray for achieving career goals! I'm super excited to have finally gotten the TT Nats win after being close so many years. Of course, I would have liked to have won the title with DZ, Tejay, Phinney, et al. all there but I'll take the 'W' however it comes!
This was my 'Welcome Home' surprise after TT Nats (framed medal & number after Philly). My wife is a keeper. Conspicuously absent from the photo is the chocolate bundt cake, where could it have gone??
I've been feeling really good on the bike ever since Gila, which is part of the reason I was so incredibly frustrated with how the Amgen Tour of California turned out for me. That heat the first 2 days absolutely wrecked my body and it didn't matter how much fitness I had, cuz I could barely pedal in a straight line!
Here, Haga pays homage to Switzerland after St. 1 of ToC.
After my ToC was over, I took a few days to feel sorry for myself and then Rebecca and I took a weekend getaway to Estes Park, CO. I sometimes forget how beautiful it is up there at the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park so it's important to be 'reminded' periodically with visits.
Giant elk hanging out in the shade 20 ft from the road.
Being tourists at the historic Stanley Hotel. In the background is a Jack Nicholson lookalike who stands around the hotel, smoking cigars.
The mini-holiday was just what I needed and I came back home refreshed and ready to crush Nationals. Obviously, US Pros weekend went well though I was little disappointed with how I raced the finishing circuits of the road race. But all in all, a great weekend and the Optum women absolutely dominated their road race!
The Parx Casino Philly Cycling Classic was another great weekend for Optum. It was a complete team effort throughout the entire race and I was personally excited that I got my tush up there and helped with the
lead outs into the Wall. Jesse rewarded our efforts with a 2nd place finish and I came home with the Sprinter's Jersey (don't laugh!) just from being in breakaways all day.
Sunset at a nature preserve on outskirts of Philly. Hopefully, this is not the 'sunset' of my form. We still have to win the Nature Valley Grand Prix next week as a way of thanking all of our great Minnesota sponsors and supporters! As always, I'm looking forward to seeing scads of family and friends out cheering Optum!
Only after NVGP can I get those Stars (do some camping) and Bars (as in Pubs!) that I'm craving.