Tuesday, May 16, 2006


ugh. can't sleep. will attempt to post amusing material to pass the time. I'm not so good at impressions but I'll give it a shot: Here is my impression of Scott Nydam attempting to race Tri-Peaks this upcoming weekend -

You may or may not recognize this bloke, but he is a brilliant photographer from the Miami area. If you have a chance to check out his work, I highly recommend it:

I know stereotypes are wrong, but this home sure looks Arkansawn, doesn't it? This one is about 1/2 mile from where we're staying right now.

I pirated this from Phil Zajicek's site, but I just can't help it this was too funny not to pass on. Here is the english version of Jan Ullrich's blog. Die hard cycling fans might not get quite the amusement out of it that we did.

Okay, possibly getting tired now. It's worth a shot anyway.


Anonymous said...

Hey that's MY house!

Thor said...

Well, I posted the pic because it's such a splendid display of patriotism, southern culture, and use of porch space. Well done!

Kikster said...

The Ullrich blog is fricken hilarious.
All hail der Kaiser!

Huck said...

Hey Zirbel Dawg, check out the comments on my blog from the down in the south one, my old man has sent you a congrats. Nice one dude, see you at Captech. Hope the trip home was good. Say g'day to Kiki!

Anonymous said...

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