Saturday, April 09, 2011

Racing Update

It's been awhile since my last race update! ;-)
I've gotten some emails and such about posting a race schedule, etc. Not really sure what kind of racing schedule I'm going to have but I list what I've got so far:
Apr. 2, Louisville Crit - 1st place I'll spare you the race report only to say that it wasn't a bunch sprint like the results timing suggests.
Apr. 10, Mead Roubaix
Apr. 16, Haystack ITT & TTT
Apr. 17, Air Force RR
Apr. 23, Deer Trail?
Apr. 27-May 1, Tour of the Gila??

That's what is on the docket for now. I'll try to update the blog as things progress. Thanks for the support!


Anonymous said...

Tour of Gila...sweet. Thanks for the update.

Don H.

Anonymous said...

You'll have to let us know how the races are going and your thoughts on them. Email family and friends if you don't want to blog about it. Good luck!!

Bloggio said...

Listen Tom, I am part of a small internet radio talk show called Bike Talk. I was wondering if you can do me the favor of giving me an interview for this week's show (Saturday). The show runs from 10-12. Get back at me if you're interested. My email is

RobDelf said...

Welcome back Tom. I would have enjoyed seeing you on Garmin's awesome classic's team, but competitiion is competition and Gila will be great. Bissel is an exciting team, hope to see you with them soon maybe.

Anonymous said...

You crushed it at Haystack yesterday! What gearing did you use down Nelson and what was your top speed? How did it compare to the Gila TT downhills?

Jody said...

Oh Tom, we'd love an update when you have a chance. :)

Gene Rossini said...

Hi Tom,

Hope to see you in the Tour of California with Jamis-Sutter Home.
I'm looking forward to a solo break-away like you did at the Rose Bowl. You almost had it.

Good Luck,