Thursday, March 31, 2011

3 things...

on the agenda today:
A) Please check out this ESPN interview by Bonnie Ford. She's bright and knowledgeable about cycling and thus asks good questions.

B) Taken directly from the letter from USADA, citing the reasons for my reduction (first 3 reasons are related to the people that I put them in contact with):
"Fourth, the fact that the substance likely at issue in Mr. Zirbel's positive test, DHEA, likely does not continue to provide a performance enhancing benefit and the fact that Mr. Zirbel undertook substantial efforts to identify the source of his positive which may have been caused by a contaminated nutritional supplement."
Holy shit! They really said that I MAY not be a cheater. Yippee!

C) Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the positive and encouraging emails, texts, and phone calls this past week. It means sooo much to me.


Anonymous said...

I'm continually impressed with your poise and clarity in your interviews. You're as honest a guy as can be, and while I still cringe at the thought of you cartwheeling toes over tits down some road in a far away place, throwing bone-splinters and fluids everywhere, I realize it IS what you're meant to do. Love ya, bro.

Anonymous said...

WE are so glad you got the sanctions lifted. We always knew you were clean, but are also very proud of the cool intelligent way you handled yourself while you waited. Not sure I would have been so understanding.

Neon looks good on you!