Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Hut Trip

I decided that I needed to post something to replace the negativity and drama from the last post.
Rebecca and I went on a hut trip near Vail with some friends last weekend. We had beautiful weather and a fun time so I wanted to share some photos:
photo taken by Dawn near our hut.

photo by Rebecca

photo by Rebecca from inside the hut.


Anonymous said...

So Tom fill me in on these huts. What do they look like? Are they heated? Do you sleep over night in them? Show us a pic of the inside. I have often thought about a winter trip to the BWCAW in a tent and I was just wondering what this hut thing is. Sounds interesting.

Uncle Don H.

TomZ said...

The huts are log cabins up in the mountains and you can rent them much like a hotel room for a night. In the winter, you either have to snow shoe or ski to them and the amenities vary hut to hut. This particular one was posh in that we had electricity (photo-voltaic cells), heat (gas and wood stove), and hot water. I've also been to huts that you have to melt snow for water and use wood burning stove for heat and light. They are a fun time to spend time outdoors with family and/or friends.

Anonymous said...

They sound fun and the getting to them sound neat too. Thanks for the update Tom. I know your "Pop" is there with you now so have a good time. Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope great things for you in the upcoming year.

Don H.