Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Giving Game

I'm not good at Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I love the pretty lights, the trees, the cookies, the music and the Holiday quaffs. But I'm usually really bad at buying Christmas presents. And it's not that I don't like giving people things, I think it's that I really have a hard time buying for someone something that will rarely or never get used. It's tough. Most people in this country have everything they need and most things that they want (within reason). I suppose I should be 'showing' my love and doing my part to stimulate the economy...but I still have a hard time with this game.
This year, my dad came to visit us in Boulder the week before Christmas and brought me some really nice Christmas gifts. And what did I get him this year? Well, I picked up the tab at dinner one night because I didn't want to play the game. Lame. And now I'm feeling guilty even though I know he doesn't mind one bit. So here is my solution to this dilemma:
Dad, I bought you a bike. You'll never get to ride this bike that I bought for you and probably will never see it either. But know that your bike is going to help a lot of people in Zambia. This 'community' bike in Zambia will help multiple people get to and from work and school much faster and more efficiently. World Bicycle Relief was just named one of the best not-for-profit organizations in terms of amount good done per dollar donated. I really believe it will be an effective gift/donation.
My only regret is that I can't put Z-Man on the down tube of the bike. Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

That's an awesome gift Tom. It will be the right color, it'll fit and it's something he'll let others use. Your Dad will love the gift.

Uncle Don H.

Anonymous said...

Tom, This is so like you....What a wonderful thing to do. I know your Dad will be so much more pleased with this gift than anything else you could have given him. He, as well as the rest of the Zirbel clan, couldn't be more proud of you.
Aunt Margaret

Anonymous said...

It is indeed an awesome gift! Our family of 3 decided to give two bikes to Bicycle World Relief this year for Christmas instead of buying each other gifts.
Have a great New Year Tom.
Dave D.
North Iowa Spin