Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Redlands Success?

So finally after over a month off from racing after our biggest race of the year, the NRC season officially kicked off this past week. We finished 2nd and 5th on GC and had a 3rd and two 4th place finishes on stages. It's a solid start to the season but as we were sitting around, guzzling Ultragen after the Sunset Road Race, I could tell that none of us were overly content with the week. We've upped the expectations and 2nd place on GC is no longer going to be a 'success' for this team. Louder and BMC rode a great race and deserved the win, that much is clear. So we are going to have step it up another notch if we want that top step on the podium. I, for one, did not race aggressive enough to pull out the win on the last day. The fear of losing our podium spot on GC caused me to race defensively for the majority of the race. Hopefully I'll learn from this experience and react differently next time I'm in that situation. That being said, this was my highest finish ever on GC for an NRC event. And a high quality field at that. Everyone on the team helped me out at one point or other during the 4 day event. Be it helping me with positioning, fetching bottles for me, helping me with positioning, gobbling up time bonuses, getting in the break or helping me with positioning, the boys had their hands full the last 3 days! And of course our staff made it so we just had to pedal our bikes and recover. Such a huge help. But my favorite part of Redlands (besides that wonderful, 90 min., zig-zaggy, 160 man field, white knuckled crit that I and many other poor souls crashed in) is staying with my Aunt Margaret and Uncle Jim during the race and spending time with their/our family. I'm so lucky to be able to get that family TLC on the road while racing. Thanks fam!
Okay, maybe I'll start updating this blog more often now that the racing has begun again. Maybe I'll start posting pictures again to spice things up. And maybe I'll put a little effort into writing interesting content instead of generic race reports or self-evaluations. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

I don't mind being the first to place a comment. Let me congradulate you on your recent success in the Redlands and I hope there are more to come soon. I'm waiting for the Gila and hopefully we can show up live for the Nature Valley again like last year.

Don H.

Anonymous said...

Tommy, you gonna be at the Bikes, Blues, and BBQ this year in CL? Just curious. I'm happy for your success and best of luck the rest of the season. I plan on attending the nature valley for one stage at least again this year. Later.


North Iowa SPIN said...

Great start to the year and congrats on the podium finish! Yea, you coming back for the BBBQ? How cool would that be! Just let us know and we'll help you roll into town with a ticker tape parade or something outrageous like that.

Timmo said...

I am proud of you guys! But the hunger for more never hurts.