Monday, March 02, 2009

now what?

phew! I'm glad that race is done. Now we can just sit back and relax for the remainder of the 2009 season, right? Maybe not. That's the trouble with the schedule for the domestic pro teams. The biggest race of the year for us is in Feb.! And then probably the 2nd and 3rd biggest races are at the end of the year. Don't get me wrong, it's nice having a month at home after the AToC but it just seems like a big waste not being able to directly utilize this fitness gained from suffering through that friggin hard race. I am thankful that Bissell was invited to the ToC again this year because it's an incredible experience and it's an honor to race in it, but it's just difficult to be going well in Feb., Sept., and a few times in between. Now that I have the whining out of my system, let me say that my friends/family support throughout the ToC was 2nd to none! It was a lot of fun having the support of so many loved ones (not to mention some complete strangers) at the race this year. It's that very support that helps keep us going when we're racing in miserable cold rain for 3 days straight...for instance.
So, I took it nice and easy on the bike this week and all my little road rash areas and bruising are healing up nicely. I'm hoping that Scotty, Teddy, Omer, and PZ are healing up fast as well. AJM seems to have recovered okay as proven by his podium finish this past week in Merced. No team races for me until Redlands at the end of this month, but I may jump in a local race or 2 in the meantime.
Thanks to all who supported and cheered the Bissell team during this year's edition of the Amgen Tour!
Take care.


Jesse said...

You're an inspiration to all us tall guys (6' and over)! I love seeing you battle it out with all those 5'6" and under guys...

Gives us hope (even if we're just battling it out in the local races) that our height isn't a disadvantage.

Jesse (6'4")

The Bad Character said...

Nice work in that TT Zirbeast! Frank & I were sending text messages back and forth.

labrayton said...

Hey Tom!! I thoroughly enjoyed watching you race and admire your dedication to this sport!! You have been an inspiration to all of us "strangers" who cheered you on at the Tour of CA. Jody and Matt invited us to come see you and I am so glad we didn't pass this up!! We are definitely your fans and you are definitely our favorite!!
God Bless and Semper Fi!!
Laura and Andy Brayton

MWilcher said...

Hey Tom,
Great job at the ATOC, hope your RR is healing well. We will be cheering you on at Redlands see you there...

More Bikes said...

Tom - Eric from Mason City, IA. Was just at Russ's shop last night late talking bikes. I work for HED Cycling, and and noticed on a website that you may have been using a HED product in the TOC TT. Is that correct? If so, what?

Russ wasn't sure, and I looked at all the photos I could find, and wasn't able to see anything with great detail.

Shawna Wilcher said...

Tom you ARE an inspiration! Loved your interview with the versus girl who gave you such a hard time especially about the beautiful Rebecca! Which we have a sweet picture of the two of you!

MM said...

I like your sunglasses.
I like your picture.
I love your bike.
from Ean

This is a message from my 5 year old son. We met you in Clear Lake a few years back. He has your autographed sports card still taped to his bedroom door.

Mark M.