Sunday, January 25, 2009

don't cry for me...

a little update here from San Luis. I'm alive. I wasn't able to start st. 5 of the Tour due to a bout with what was probably food poisoning. I was disappointed for sure but mostly because I missed out on some more great training and prep for ToC. I'm feeling better now but I was pretty worthless there for about 30 hrs. The team is doing great without me with BJM in the top 10 on GC and 2nd in sprint points.
Argentina is a cool country and I am enjoying my time here now that I have time to look around a bit. The people are very chill and generally happy. They love their siestas here as nearly everything closes down between 1p - 5p! Also, they don't start dinner until 9p or so. And the best part?!? They love their helado (ice cream) here!!! There are ice cream shops everywhere and they're always packed. That is the real reason I like these people so much! I can get a giant waffle cone w/ 2 scoops for 3 pesos ($1)! And oddly enough, that was one the only food that didn't cause me to get nauseous (sp?) the day after getting sick. :)
I've been taking a few pics but I'll have to post them later.
Thanks for the supporting emails and blog posts!
Also, posted that interview of me done by Nathan Rand back in November recently. Make sure you check out how boring of an interviewee I am...after checking out the "daily distractions" of course...
Hasta luego amigos!


Anonymous said...

It's great you're doing this. I think you are one of the top USA riders and wish you the best with team Bissell in 2009, I expect to see you on the podium. So if I'm one of the few responding right now, give it some time. Others will join in. I'mm 55, live in Portland, OR, ride Cycle Oregon evey yeat since 1997, do other one-day events earlier in the year, build all the bikes I ride and hope to do so for a long time to come. Young guys like you give me the insperation to keep riding.
Best of luck in '09.

Matthew Russell said...

Hey Tom,
Nice interview and pics! Good luck in the Tour of Califorina and stay healthy. Do you have any tips for South America besides eat lots of ice cream? Have some safe travels!


Doreen said...

Gramma Zirbel is looking down at you and is very proud. She taught you to eat ice cream any time of the day or night as a treat, dessert, or as the main course. NOw I see you have discovered its medicinal value. You have learned well, Grasshopper.

Wow, 2nd place in the time trial! That's awesome!.

Anonymous said...

Tom, I also am very proud of you and wish you the best in 2009. I"m a little jealous of your world travels but you deserve every mile of it. Stay healthy, and have a great year. Hope to see you race this year. - Wells

Ian Stanford said...

Yep, definitely not Masa Grill type food. Montezuma's Revenge? I didn't even know the guy so what is his beef with me.
Siesta's, Ice Cream, Pesos.....sounds like paradise. Good luck at TOC. Destroy that time trial. I will give you a ring this week. Someone wants to meet with you. Ciao -Ian

Lyne said...

So I had ice cream this weekend and thought of you!