Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dias Contentos!

quick update here. I'm heading to Argentina today for the Tour de San Luis which runs Mon-Sun. I'm mucho excited both to see a new country and start racing! The form seems to be coming around so I'm cautiously optimistic about the TT on St. 3. It's a pretty big race with a couple of Pro Tour teams and a bunch of pro conti teams from overseas so you should have no problem following results with,, or Some Basso character is planning to show up which is apparently a big deal but I think the J-M bros being reunited is a much bigger deal. That's just me.
Oh, and if there happens to be a freak blizzard during the race (forecast is for mid-90s), my prediction is that T-Bird and I will dominate due to much practice in riding in those conditions the past 2 months. :)
Take care.


Tate said...

Buenos suerte!

k2 said...

Basso... Who's that?
“You are the only person on earth who can use your ability.” ~ZZ
Now go Rock It!

Ian Stanford said...

-29 degrees a couple morning's ago here in Minnesota. So, no matter where you are training or racing it isn't Minnesota. Just don't follow anyone over to the local pharmacy on your down time. Tear those muchachos up muchacho! I expect nothing but all TT wins this year and that includes that red-white-and blue one.

Anonymous said...

Great TT, TZ. Obviously Basso was no match, he'll know your name next time around.Stay safe, it's early in the season.
Belgian Tim

Anonymous said...

Hope you are ok TZ. Didn't see you in the finish results today.
See you back in Boulder soon!

JMP said...


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