Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuscany: my romantic 3 days w Joao Correia

"No matter what, we'll always have Tuscany, Joao." Whenever we come upon hard times, that'll be my response to the Portugese Gangsta. I had a pretty awesome time in Tuscany. We stayed with his friend Alessandro 30k north of Sienna in the country. The roads are beautiful in the area and all up and down. If all you want to do is train and eat, I've never been to a better place. That area is so romantic that if Joao would have asked me to marry him, it's likely that I would have gotten caught up in the moment...
so here's the picture tour:
Alex's apartment. No joke. It's very simple inside, no luxuries - perfect for the area. originally built 4 centuries ago.

Alessandro and Joao outside Alex's cobbler shop in Sienna.

a window at the apartment. it was all so surreal.

Nothing but rolling hills filled w vineyards and olive trees everywhere we went.

This is the main street in the little village of Lucci where we got cappucino and a brioche every morning from Paolo.

Paolo and I outside his cafe. aside: Paolo has the biggest hands I've ever seen. He could crush my head like a nut if he so chose.

Back to the Granfondo Pinarello - here is the podium of the race with Giovanni Pinarello (THE founder) second from right and the crazy Treviso mayor behind me far left.

I did some wine tasting on the podium. "When in Rome..." or Treviso. I was completely smashed at this moment but it wasn't the alcohol.

I thought these Treviso commuters were pretty cute so I snapped a pic while we waited for a train to pass.

Mr. Indurain was at the banquets so I needed a comparison pic to show people how much bigger I am than he. However, I asked him how much he weighed when winning the Tours and he replied, "ochenta y uno. mucha forza" (rough translation: 178lbs, good for power.) Wow. I'm only ochenta y ocho. I have no excuse not to at least podium at the Tour someday. :)
That's all for now. Maybe I'll post more later. Up next is the Tour of Elk Grove outside of Chicago. BIG prize money there, so I hear. Maybe if we do well I can buy a one-way ticket to Italy.


iamTedKing said...

That's the coolest trip I've ever seen. teddy = jealous.

I didn't know you're doing Elk Grove?! I recommend SMASHING the tt.

et said...

Hi Tom, my name is Elisabeth and I spent a year as an exchangestudent with Margaret and Jim. I was back for a visit this july. Just came back to Stockholm. Did you write the wrong name of the little town Lucci and meant Lucca?? That is where my daughter is working right now!? Great picture and I understand you do an outstanding job. Good work. My e-mail Write me :-)

Ian Stanford said...

O.k, o.k, o.k. You win man. Hands down the ultimate cycling trip. It makes my trip to Italy sound like I just stopped in the Disney Epcot Center "Italy" for a couple of hours. Nice blogs, sweet photos, and great story. were you able to get one of those new Prince frames under your jacket?

otis said...

Elk Grove pics from Velo

Atta boy Z!

Thor said...

ooph, those first two pics Otis posted from Velonews are Swiza. I'm not quite that handsome.
And the Italian town is Lecchi, not Lucci - that's what I get for going off memory! Annnd while we're on the topic of errors - I meant to use 'brakes' instead of 'breaks' if my race report. :)

jcorreia said...

Dammit Tom that was suppose to be our little secret. I'm married man, what if my wife finds out?

k2 said...

awww, my honeymoon trip for real! now to snag me that sucker.

good luck at Utah