Monday, July 14, 2008

Off to Italia

I'm boarding my flight to Italy in a couple of minutes (actually Frankfurt, then Florence, Italy) so I'll be short. Cascade went okay for us but not great. Mostly because I wasn't climbing quite how I expected. The team did a great job of setting me up on the Sat. RR after I was sitting 2nd on GC from being in the break Fri. and time trialing okay. However, despite everything going smoothly for me leading into the final climb on Sat. up to the ski resort - I was unable to hold the wheels of the fellas I needed to mark and ended up losing a significant amount of time. Disappointing because I know that I can climb with those guys when I'm firing on all cylinders and it sucks to let the team down after they worked hard to set me up perfectly. But we live to race another day. The race did have quite a few injuries this year tho. Our thoughts are with Ben Brooks for a speedy recovery from that horrific crash on st. 1. And also with BJM and Logan for a quick comeback from their broken chicken wings.
For me, it's on to the Granfondo Pinarello which is on Sun. I'm taking it kind of seriously because I think it'd be a big deal for Mr. Pinarello himself if one of his bikes came across the line 1st. I have no idea what to expect and don't even know if I'll have a shot at winning but I'm hoping that this form that I really thought I'd have for Cascade just took a week longer than expected. :)
I'll try to post from the former empire if I can and I will also do my best to take pics liberally.
Gotta go. Ciao! (lame, I know)


Anonymous said...

I'm proud of your job at Cascade. And your team really came together to support you it seems. I just wish we could have been there to witness it all.

Will watch your progress at the Granfondo Pinarello over the net. Oh the wonder of internet, even when all you have is backcountry dialup. D & D

Anonymous said...

If the ride is anywhere near Florence, don't be surprised to see a local Liquigas rider show up at the grandfondo. Have fun out there, enjoy some "real" pasta and vino. Don't order "cafe" with breakfast, ask for a capuccino.

Shawna Wilcher-Crazy lady at Redlands Classic said...

Have a great time riding your butt off in Italy!
I wish I could have flown home to Oregon to see you ride. But I was stuck in smoggy California instead! Hope you enjoyed the trees and I hope people were very hospitable to you!

Anonymous said...

Good luck in Italy and we'll keep and eye on the internet for updates. (sometimes my boss gets upset with me cause I'm always following bike races on the internet at work. can you imagine that). Eat plenty of pasta and tell us all about it in the off season. (If there is an off season) Take all ya'can and give nothin' back.RRRRRR Don H