Monday, April 21, 2008

Tour de Georgia, St. 1

Only so much you can write about a dead flat 115k stage 1 of 7 but I'll try. Bissell was aggressive today, initiating quite a few moves and Garrett was in the move that stayed away for a bit w/ 5 others. However, if nothing else I will have the unofficial title of being the first person to attack at the 2008 TdG. I was thinking of just calling it good and pulling out of the race w/ a "job well done" attitude but I decided to stick it out for a bit longer. And Rich scored a really good result for us with a 4th place finish in the sprint after getting a bit of help from Vennell down the stretch. Nice work, fellas!
I needed an action photo so Rich assured me that this is what he looked like while throwing his bike for 4th place on the stage.

Here is the view from our hotel room in Tybee Island. Check that - this is the view for HALF of the team, but Garrett, me, et. al are on the opposite side w/ a keen view of the parking lot.


Anonymous said...

Everybody knows you get to switch ends (rooms) at halftime.

Looking forward to an awesome team time trial on Thursday. That always looks like such a fun stage!

WE're enjoying the updates and I hope you can hear us cheering from Iowa!

logangarey said...

I am so surprised, I expected the blog updates to come from Scott. I checked your's only to suspend time until I have to get off the couch and actually do some work.
Way to go on the artistic ice photo of your bike, you really are a man of numerous talents. I especially like the horse impersonations.
Keep it rolling, Tough and Hard. You can make that last line into a kick ass 80's duet. Give it is a shot.

Richard 'Dick London' England said...

i really need to eat more....