Friday, April 04, 2008

Redlands Update

Hey Everyone,
Burke had a good ride today for Bissell at the Redlands Cycling Classic. He got in the race winning break that went on the 2nd of 5 laps and made the podium on the day w/ a 3rd place showing. Nice work by the old sage/jedi master! He is probably sitting 3rd or 4th on GC at the moment so that's exciting as well. It was a circuit race that went right by Aunt Margaret and Uncle Jim's place in Calimesa where Jeremy, Teddy, and I are staying. So needless to say, we had some stellar crowd support once again.
As you could probably have gathered, yesterday was not one of my better days. I missed my start because a) I'm an idiot and didn't give myself any wriggle room and b) because the UCI officials checking the bikes decided to change the measuring rules for BB to bar ends and decided I was over the UCI limit for length even though it was the same bike that I rode in the Tour of Cali the last 2 years and US Pros last year, etc. I was not the only person to fall victim to this "new rule" as several other people were forced to ride their road bikes and/or miss their start as well. It is pretty disappointing and irritating when officials have the power to just wreck a person's race basically on a whim. As Henk Vogels vented to me "It's the same f%&$in measurements I've used for 2 Giros, Tour of Cali [and a shit ton of other giganto races] and they're gonna sit there and tell me that I'M wrong?!?" Grrr. There needs to be changes in our sport's administration.
However, the sun came up this morning and it turned into a beeeeeautiful day. I even got a lil too much sun (despite copious amounts of sunscreen), which is okay w/ me. I felt fine today in the 1st group of the peloton and am not looking forward to tomorrow's crit, but Sun.'s Sunset Loop should be full on fun.
Teddy, Jeremy and I spoke to about 200 kids from Smiley Elementary on Wed. about bike safety, what it's like to be a bike racer, and how FUN it is to ride a bike. In this pic I'm showing off my sz 50 DMTs. Pic courtesy of Teddy and his beloved Iphone.

Teddy sporting the KOM jersey at San Dimas from last weekend. Check out the impressive hip angle!


Anonymous said...

Sure wish we could schedule a race past our place, and you guys could stay on the farm with us. Of course I spose the gravel may be a little tough, but I know you'd have a great fan base.

Keep up the great job, Tom. You are promoting an awesome sport and good clean fun in general.


Shawna Wilcher & family said...

You are awesome!
Thanks for being nice to an old lady like me today!
My husband made fun of me cheering you on at the finish line...then I met some of your family who heard me cheer for you. You were very kind and you didn't have to be since you just rode for 90 mins! You've inspired me to ride harder and longer on my bike!
We'll see you tomorrow too! We'll be cheering you on! We believe in you!
Keep your smile on!

Ian Stanford said...

So that is how you got so fast in the TT. Taking the extra 2mm's. You cheater. I honestly think they have no idea what they are measuring. I know I am on the limits but dammit, it's legal!.......I guess. Let me know when you are coming up for the Nature Valley GP. Ciao -Ian