Wednesday, July 04, 2007


All systems go!
I'm headed to Iowa today for racing on Sun.

Winner of the previous post's pop quiz: Teddy comes through w/ the closest (only)guess at 8 lbs of water lost. That would have been right on if I weighed 80 lbs. Alas, I weigh nearly 200 lbs, so it was actually 20 stinkin pounds of water lost on a 6 hour ride in the mountains! 205 ounces drank during ride and I still weighed 10 lbs less after the ride. craziness. that's a p.r. for me.

Have a happy 4th and don't shoot anyone w/ fireworks.


Anonymous said...

It's great to hear tht you'll be racing again. I think I may go to watch you at Clear Lake. It's kind of been a long summer not being able to follow your racing.

Uncle Don H.

sluffbugger said...

what the beans! you didn't call. i'm so glad the avg speed of the peleton is going to grow back to the upper 20s. . we missed you tom.
and what i'm really going to miss is that dank toyota car ride to Bend OR wity ya!

Jedi said...

How goes it? Good times seeing you last weekend at the union union (re-union).. How'd Sunday morning turn out for you? I wrote to regarding the outcome of the race, but they are apparently lagging in their service dept. and have not replied in kind. Sounds like you have a life we all dream of (minus the grueling physical activity portion.. oh wait, that's your whole life... then nevermind.) Ha, jk. I'd love to be playing game boy for hours a day and going to music festivals around boulder.. you've got the right idea. God bless and win one for Lions, Jedi

Jedi said...

The city of CL called me today and let me know the outcome of the race... Nice work with 1st place! 131 people and you were the top man in your 1st race back from the DL, wow. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your successes, Lord knows my own have been few and far between. Damn, I'm so proud.

logangarey said...

Dude, your scale is broke just like your haircut.

logangarey said...

You've been ZAPPED!! SUCKKAA.
Kick Ass in Oregon.

Get rid of the god damned word verification crap! IT's horse shit.

North Iowa SPIN said...

All BBBQ Road Race Results and pictures have been posted at

Tom was great having you, Ted and Adam at the race!

Hope Cascade goes well for the team!


Huck said...

Zirbel Dawg, great job on the return to racing mate, no doubt you will be on the top of a TT podium again soon!

Anonymous said...