Saturday, July 21, 2007

Not so fast there Tiger

I'm thinking of writing a story. All that I have is the outline so far, but tell me what you think:
March 20: rider diagnosed w/ blood clot in leg
mid April - June 30: rider just trains, trains, trains and starts to feel really good when pedaling.
June 30: rider gets leg checked out, blood clot ALMOST gone but not quite, rider lies and says "blood clot gone, yeah for me, time to race!"]
July 1: rider cuts his coumadin intake in half w/out telling doctors
July 16: rider starts feeling short of breath and says "time to reap what you sow" quietly to himself
July 17: rider diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism and spends 20 hrs in the ICU fighting to breath
July 18-present: rider improves by the hour and is thankful to be breathing pain free and even more thankful to be breathing period. Also, rider does not feel very intelligent.
present: rider still wants to race again someday but does not feel like he has the energy for blogging anymore.

That's all I have so far. I think it's going to have a happy ending but I'm just not sure what that involves yet.


Anonymous said...

get healthy man! we miss you.

Ian Stanford said...

Man, eat some onions. Sorry to hear about the re-issued problem. Hang in there mentally and watch some Tour. Talk soon man!

Mitchell said...

I'm just happy to know you're ok. The temptation to race must have been driving you nuts, so your decision was totally understandable. Get better, and stop corporally punishing your chimpanzee to doogie hauser.

Anonymous said...

There is a young man racing in the Tour De France with a plate in his head. Certainly you can ride again but just wait until your ready. After all, you did beat the guy who is leading the tour in a time trial.

Don H

Anonymous said...

I had a lady stop me at work today and say that she saw your photo in the Globe Gazette. She said you didn't look like the same kid that was break dancing on her dining room floor with Mitch to her 8 track tape of the Chipmunks Christmas Album.

As your nursey aunt, I have to say - now that you've tried that route perhaps you should try the Doctor's plan. Love you. D

sluffbugger said...

zirbelicious, make sure you're taking the full dosage of the chill pill, AND that blood thinner.
all in all, wouldn't expect anything different from you!

SaraM said...

I'm glad you're ok Zirbie. Take care of yourself now <3

kelekelebobelly said...

Lesson learned! I'm so glad you are ok! Best of luck with the recovery! The most important part of recovery, is attitude...and I know you've got some!! See ya soon.
Kele Murdin

Will Hickey said...

haha, I think that mentality is an inherent part of the endurance athlete affliction. Get well soon!

Scott said...

tell me about Banner Elk. I know you're there