Monday, January 01, 2007

It's good for something.

It may not be real conducive to riding outdoors for extended periods of time, but the snow sure makes for some beautiful scenery in these parts. The roads were melted enough for me to get out for a bit yesterday and do some hill intervals. I took these pics up there (after my last interval of course!).

The flatirons from the south.
a view of snow-laden Boulder
mas montanas

I leave for LA on Wed. the 3rd and will quite possibly be in Cali for 3 months straight! Sheesh. Next race is Jan. 19th at the LA World Cup III where I'll be doing the individual pursuit again.
Happy '07 to everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

Pls tell me more about the type of hill intervals you were doing. Time, grade, quantity. Thanks, serious question.

Anonymous said...

Your family and friends back in near snow free Iowa wish you luck in California.

Robbie King said...

God of Thunder!? Awesome!

Congratulations on the official VN title.

Thor said...

Dear Tri-Geek,
though training is highly personal and sensitive material I will tell you the truth: 3x6', 7-8%, MT intervals at 45-50rpm. But if you really want to get faster, you should read The Cannibal's 2 word summary on how he got to be the greatest cyclist EVER.

And to my "family and friends" who enjoy taunting me for staying in Blizzardville rather than going home: 65-72 degrees everyday in LA on the latest 10 day forecast. I will post pictures of my tan next week.

Anonymous said...

We missed you on Christmas here in Iowa, but understand. If you give me a heads up when you will return to Iowa I'll make up a Christmas goody package up for ya. And by the way, we all saw your tan last season. I'm not sure it was anything to be too jealous of. But I do love the mullet. Aunt D.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for speaking the truth. Now what did Eddy say?

logangarey said...

Whats an MT interval. Does it stand for something I don't know about like "Man Training".
What are the Cannibal's 2 words?
Jesus twinkle toes 45-50 RPM, your not a pro Disc Jockey. Pick up the pace!

Kick the living christ out of those manky punters on the track in a couple of weeks.
Remember, you are representing AMERICA DAMmnit.

iamTedKing said...

Yeah guy, the weather is just crazy all across the country. In addition to your three big storms in Denver, we're being kept cool in California whereas it's 68 and sunny at home in New Hampshire. We left New England because the standard weather this time of year there is teens and snow. Weird.

Anonymous said...

yo- hope track and warm socal is getting you preped for the WC this month. We missed you here in Idaho for Christmas. See you next time! LR

Richard England said...

Im on my way to LA as well Z-Dog. Better get out the welcome mat and vacume it over the next week. I expect a royal reception at the airport.

Hope your in good form...otherwise us Aussies will have to show you up.