Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Red Dawn approaching

Just got back from LA and being all trackified. We got a good week of work in and I'm feeling more prepared to take on Moscow. For those of you who may be wondering - the bike is stellar on the oval. I leave for Moscow in a few days so any words of wisdom about the culture or traveling to that part of the world would be appreciated! I know many of you are experiencing full on winter doldrums right now but we experienced a few beauteous days in LA (minus the smog and traffic of course).
Here is a view from Palos Verdes - there are some decent hills in these parts.
I took a spin along Redondo Beach and got passed by one person all day - this dude! This is the same bike that won the 4-man team comp. at RAAM a few years back. Kinda cool.
This is what some people do in December (play volleyball or watch women in bikinis play volleyball - either one is fun).


iamTedKing said...

Watching women play volleyball in bikinis sounds like an even better off season training plan than riding in the cold north east. lucky.

Oh, and I think you should get one of those big fur Russian hats.

Mitchell said...

You could practice bellowing "Dosvidanya, blue suka!"
(Although some care might be advised, considering that if anyone from the Russian government rather than one of it's riders is told "Goodbye, gay bitch!" You could end up in the Gulag.) Bonne chance, frère

Anonymous said...

HAVE FUN. It's only a race. Oh ya' and go fast too.

From Don and Doreen

P.S. You can bring your bike into our living room anytime. And to we have a bunch of puppies now.

Anonymous said...

get 'er done in the moss cow.

Robbie King said...

Kill it! Set a new world record!

Anonymous said...

Good show!

T-minus 2 months to Cali. I have a feeling you could just kill a man.