Tuesday, November 07, 2006

isn't Halloween over?

I had a blast watching the cyclocross races this past weekend. As Joe pointed out during one of the races, "it sure is fun being a spectator and not a racer". I don't want to get tooo used to it though. Cyclocross is a great mix of skills, fitness, and toughness. I'm determined to try it next year if I actually get a bike - but I've been using that line for 2 years now. Here are some of my "costumes" from the past week:
supporting Ben and Andy Jacques-Maynes at the races. Ben was 7th and Andy 9th in Saturday's race vs. the best in the country. photo courtesy of D-Mac.
I'll be dressing up like this quite a bit in the next few weeks. A glimpse into the glamorous lifestyle of a pro cyclist. Eat it Dave Towle! (no pun intended)

some race photos:
Megan (in the middle) battling up the hill during Sunday's race. Nice backdrop, eh?

Ben doing his thang ahead of Geoff Kabush in Saturday's race.

Colby MF Pearce mounting his steed

the "who's who" startline from left: Todd Wells (defending National Champ), Chris Horner (in red), Ryan Trebon (series leader, also he's 6'6"), Andy J-M, Tim Johnson, and Ben J-M.


Anonymous said...

Are those the old Boo-fu sweat pants? I sure hope so cuz that would be sweet! Learn to hate delivering pizzas by Dec. so you are chomping at the bit to get back on the bike.
later -holmes

Robbie King said...

Those pics are hilarious!!! Unfortunately, BJM does NOT look amused with your antics.

And wear that Black Jack uniform a lot, because you need to buy a bike! It's a hoot.

Thor said...

Ahhhh Robbie! You've finally succumbed to the Darkside and started a blog. I love that profile pic - it's so "hs senior picturesque". I'm glad you're having fun with cyclocross. some day I will join you.

Anonymous said...

robbie, it was damn acary.