Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Final Push

We're getting into that last part of the season now when I can't stop thinking about how glorious the off-season will be, but I still have the biggest races of the season coming up in the USPROs. Talk about conflict. Just have to stay focussed for a few more weeks...but MAN, 8 months of straight racing can take a toll on a guy. Okay, enough whining. At least I wasn't racing ProTour riders in Feb. Hehehe.
Utah didn't go quite as planned. I wasn't climbing very well and the other guys really struggled with the altitude. I had fun spending time with the guys though, so it wasn't all bad. Next, we have the Rockford, MI crit - which is 1 of 2 races that Priority Health, Advantage Benefits, and Bissell sponsor each year (which basically means that we have to win!). That race is on Aug. 26th and then we travel down to S. Carolina for the USPRO TT on Fri. Sep. 1 and the RR on Sun. This is the first year that it is US only so we won't be able to utilize the skills of Richie, Tommy, and Glen for those. But, Eddie is rumored to be making his comeback there so it will be great to have him in the road race and hang out with him again. Talk about morale boost! After USPROs, I have the Atlanta 100k, Univest, and then the Parker Omnium to finish things off. My life is pretty hectic right now, so don't expect any frequent or creative posts. I'm surprised that there are any readers left - as boring as these posts have been of late! Anyway, I hope to be back to my old self soon and I appreciate everyone who continues to keep up-to-date on our happenings.

Attention all masochists: for a good time, try O2 intervals! This is Frank and I prepping for TT Nats. I'm officially a spoiled athlete.


Dave said...

Of course you have readers!

Pretty slick TT position and the face mask suits you. I am working on an carbon mesh aero hairnet for the mullett so you can save an extra couple of seconds.

Good to see you are back in town.

Thor said...

Wow! A carbon mesh aero hairnet? I like the sounds of that. There just might be a potential market for a sweet product like that...I'd definitely endorse it.

Huck said...

Why do you have a jersey on for the ergo session? is it to show off the sponsors?

iamTedKing said...

Lookin' good on the stationary bike. I think you should teach a spin class this off season.

Velomaniac said...


Nice season so far! Incredible really. You are a risinig star man!
I would love to see you DESTROY!!! at USPRO TT. Actually I have no doubt you will crsuh the weak like only THOR can!!! Cool 02 Setup. But seeing as you are Thor and probably have a Higher Lung Capacity than Miguel Indurain's 7.5 liter lungs! How do exhale your huge bellows like lungs with that mask plastered on your face?

Just curious what duration and intensity of intervals you are doing on the ERGO? And how is the suplimental 02 affecting your power output?. I assume you can sustain higher power longer. But how much higher?

Thanks! Keep up the good work

Ian Stanford said...

Man, you are right. What a boring post. Heck, all your posts have left me waking up two hours later wondering what in the hell made me fall asleep. Oh ya, Thor's updates.
Seriously, it has been a fun season for myself and to watch you progress through your "boring" blogs.
Seriously tear up those bastards at the USPRO TT. You know you have got the good for it so put them to use. Plus, all that O2 should have all 16 cyclinders firing full bore. Tear that sh%t up man!

Thor said...

we were doing longer LT intervals on the ergo and they were all out, of course! In fact, the 2nd int. broke me and I left with my tail between my legs. We were seeing about a 5% increase in power with the supplimental O2 and that's on the lower end of what we were expecting/hoping. You're not some Spanish ProTour spy trying to get TT tips are you....?
Thanks for the encouragement!

Velomaniac said...

"You're not some Spanish ProTour spy trying to get TT tips are you....?
Thanks for the encouragement!"


NO Bud! I'm a local Colorado guy.

And one of your biggest fans.

In fact it's the guy who 2 or 3 years ago was telling YOU "Tom you are really good man. You can be a pro cyclcist! I have no doubt etc"

The same guy who while riding in a breakaway with you in your first Cat 3 race (Bob Cook Mt Evans) made a very un-wise move! and attacked you at summit lake only to have you grunt with rage like well.....THOR! and reverse it in a big way to take the win!

I'm sure you know who I am now!

I was asking about the 02 because I actually have 02 supplementation at my house. I use it on a Velodyne Ergo trainer.

Except I haven't found a good mask so I use a nasal cannula & a breath right strip instead of a mask.

This obviously limits breathing to the nose but allows big exhales and removes the discomfort of having a mask strapped to your face.

But maybe the mask is a better way to go?

If you don't mind sharing what kind intervals you were doing with the 02 I would be interested to hear about it. I no you said long Were you doing like 20 min intervals? You can email me if you prefer so the Whole Blog world won't see. (And I promise I won't tell anyone!) JMV@RICOCHET.COM

Hopefully someone pisses you off right before your USPRO TT start So you can unleash the Rage / killer instinct & Destroy!

Good Luck Bud!


Anonymous said...

Here's to you Mr. "where did i put the extra bottle of mullet control?",
what's your email address, i'd like to send you the pic from Utah where you scared the living daylights out of the kid with the T-shirt. Tim

Thor said...
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