Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bring it on!

Here we go with the last month of racing and I can't speak for my teammates but I'm excited! Excited that many of us are riding well right now, excited that "my" event is finally here, excited that we have the opportunity to put an exclamation point on this season, and also excited that some R&R is on the horizon. I leave shortly to get on a plane to make a race for the last time this year. Okay, send us good juju if you get a chance.

Discrimination is dispiccable. This was at a Utah burrito joint and in case you can't read it, this kid's shirt reads "Friends don't let friends have mullets". A brawl nearly broke out shortly after this pic was taken. Photo courtesy of the multi-talented Belgian Tim. Okay, gotta go catch a bus. Laters.


Clemens family said...

Haha, that picture is awesome! Good luck on your final month of racing Tom!!

Huck said...

I'm excited too mate! See you tonight - although i will probably have seen you and your mullet by the time you read this!

Anonymous said...


By the time you read this you will have squashed the field and will have left more than just a couple of "130 lb. climbers" destroyed in the wake of your path.

When you're racing season calms down Sara and I want you to come to Salida and give our runners a little talking to about attitude. We'll give you some home cooking, foot massages (did I just say that?) and let Elijah climb all over ya.

Thor (the other white meat)

Thor said...

Dear Original Thor,
I would love to visit ya'll in Salidaville when things wind down. I can't wait to see how big Eli is. Is he climbing trees and eating bananas by the bunches yet? Sorry, some typecasting never dies.

Anonymous said...

Sending good juju good juju good juju juju juju.