Sunday, April 16, 2006

Yep. One of those guys.

Okay, okay. So I started a blog. It's really not as bad as it sounds (I'm talking to you, Scott). I'm just trying to make things easier on friends and family who would like to check up on things at their leisure rather than have me sending them novels over email. And this way I can post pics easier without filling up mailboxes, etc. Now that I've justified this and feel better about myself - the truth is that when I'm traveling I often feel disconnected with everyone and this is a good way for me to hold up my end of the communication struggle. That, and I typically have some time on my hands when on the road. Hey! Even if I train 7 hrs/day - eat for 2 hrs/day and sleep for 9 hrs/day - that still leaves about 2 hrs/day of free time after you factor in stretching, massage, applying chamois cream, etc. So, check in when you feel like it. I'll try to be diligent about updating and I'll make an extra effort to at least entertain myself with the material posted. Comments and feedback would be appreciated as well. Here we go!


Joe Hughes said...

Gosh you look good in a mullet!

KK said...

...And coming from the mullet-master himself, that means a lot:)

Thor#2 said...


I hope things are going well after the wipe out-I'm glad to see you haven't changed a bit...going for the win, ballz to the wall, Debbie snack cake loving buddy. By the way, I just bought some Little Debbie Easter snack cakes this past weekend. They were on clearance and they were delicious!
Anyway, let me know when you need some rr and want to escape to the little city.

sara mcclure said...

You and your mullet are on my desktop! I'm so happy!

Anonymous said...

Dude - the road rash on your face looks better than the mullet. But seriously, stay upright and a huge win is in your near future. This, I know.

Dano (kira's dad)