Sunday, April 16, 2006

Mullet Mania!

As you can see, the weather in Michigan has been surprisingly wonderful for mid April. For some reason, I don't feel like I need sunscreen when I'm not a mile high. I guess I can put that theory to rest now. The hairstyle is for my WXC boys - I'm bringin it back bee-yatch! FTR, this haircut has been Kira-approved and certified "hot".

For today's pop quiz: Based on the photo above, taken on Sun. afternoon, did the moron riding this wheel flat before making it home? And if so, how far from home was the moron and did I have to walk back to Bob's? Facts: at the time of this photo, I was 10 miles from Bob's, I had already let out air to about 60psi, being in rural Michigan - I had "0" cell phone reception, and the bulges you see are actually a Slime strip and not the tube. Answers submitted to the comments section will be graded. The "key" will be posted in the next couple of days. Good luck.

Heading to Georgia tomorrow. The 4 biggest guys on the team will be shoved into the team Vibe for 12 hrs of fun. Look out Eddy, here we come!


Mom said...

Hi Thomas,

I like seeing pictures and hearing what's going on. That tire looked really bad. I say walked 2 miles.

Anonymous said...

Nice hair. Kira is right. You do look hot...You really should use the sunscreen tho. You blonde norski-types have to take care of the skin you know.

Anyway, I'm glad to see the Nature Valley race on the team schedule again. Won't be able to see the whole thing, but probably at least Saturday and Sunday. I'm sure Grampa Zirbel could fix that tire for you if he was around. Aunt D.

Dave Mc said...

I say that you walked for 10mins and then realized that a clipping of your mullet, tightly woven into your tire could get you home. No doubt those were the last of your race tires.
Hope you enjoy Georgia. The Tour is a loss without your team. I will be sure to boycott anything to do with Target Training.

tate said...

I'm guessing no walking and hitch-hiked 5 miles.

Anonymous said...

I know what you did! You flashed your sexy mullet with your kick ass man tan and showed some thigh. Then you got picked up by a burly trucker named cleve. Who then commented on how pretty your mouth was.

After that you either bailed out the window and somehow managed to grab your bike OR You went through with the deed and you can no longer say you have never experienced the forbidden bible pleasures. And trucker Cleve dropped you off with a big ol smile and a bit of a wet spot in his pants.. DAMMMN "Twinkle Toes" your a gross S.O.B.
good luck homie

Thor said...

Damn Logan,
you can see from above that my mom and other family read this blog and you still can't refrain from writing disgusting-ness. Geeeez. And for the record, his name was Jed and he was a cattle farmer.