Sunday, January 15, 2017

News Flash!

This just in: Zirbel is going to be a Tri-Geek in 2017!

Yep, it’s for realz. I’m going for it. How hard could it be? I can bike, I used to run purty good, and I’ve never once drowned while swimming. And amazingly enough, there are some companies who think I might be alright at this new endeavor - though I’ve never actually competed in a triathlon:

- Diamondback is going to be putting me on the fastest triathlon bikes in da world. Yippee!

- Of course I will be using Hed wheels like I have done for the majority of my cycling career (I feel like I’m a part of the family)

- Castelli will be providing superior clothing for performance and comfort

- I will be on ISM Saddles so I know my nether regions will be taken care of

- And Zoot is providing wetsuits and accessories so I don’t sink and can look the part

Thank you to my sponsors who are taking a leap of faith with me on this new adventure. It should be an exciting ride! And as a show of good faith...I have reluctantly started a Facebook page and will actually be posting to it and my Instagram account. Sorry Phil Booth (Social Media guy with Rally Cycling who tried valiantly to get me to start using social media the past few years)! I'm actually excited to write a little bit. It seems to help me process events more effectively. And I have a lot of changes this year to process!

Thanks for reading.