Friday, July 16, 2010

Next Up

This is a busy weekend with the Grand Opening of the FasCat Performance Center on Saturday and a trail running race that I'm doing on Sunday. The Grand Opening will start (of course) with the showing of the Tour on the bigscreen, but we'll have events all day capping it off with "happy hour" at 4p.
Sunday is the Barr Trail Mountain Race. 12.6 miles total up and down the same narrow trail. It nets over 3600' to the halfway point - Barr Camp situated at 10,200 ft above sea level. Betts has assured me that he doesn't walk any portion of it but I'm skeptical. And then on the way down, it is as fast as you can go without eating s#!t on one of the many switchbacks. Should be fun! Apparently they have a competition after the race awarding medals to the top 3 bloodiest runners from falls on the way down. They're a sick lot.
It should be a fun weekend...if I don't get too carried away with the FasCat 'Happy Hour' on Saturday!


Mark Mayall said...

Tom -

you passed me on the way down. I was wondering to myself "who the hell is this enormous guy with baggy shorts and a t-shirt?" Soon after you passed me I ate sh!t. Found out today who you really are, at least my pride isn't as wounded as my knees. Great event, but the downhill stuff is for the birds! Nice race.
-Mark Mayall

TomZ said...

Nice race to you too Mark! I'm glad your knees and your pride aren't hurt too badly. Also, me and the 3 college buddies I ran it with yesterday are so sore we can't walk without limping! Damn downhill.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering what your thought Alberto attacking Andy when his chain came off? Any comment or thoughts?

Don H

chinze said...

tom...congrats on the opening of the performance center...& stay healthy...the downhill race you described seems like 1 i would have enjoyed as a spectator...if you or any of your athletes are free this thurs 09.02 from about 1pm to past 5 & probably for about 8hrs beginning fri 09.03 at about 8am i could use 1 person w/a strong back, arms, & legs to transfer stuff from an 8' x 20' storage unit to a 26' moving truch destined for la...the work pays $15/hr...i can be reached at 512-436-2890 or that all is well...mark

otis said...