Tuesday, March 09, 2010


things are going well with me. I'm feeling good about my renewed outlook and I've started the job hunt. I appreciated the heartfelt comments regarding my last post. I'm entering a challenging, exciting, and scary new chapter of my life and it's nice to know that I want be doing it alone.
We had a fun party at our house last weekend to mark the transition in our lives. See if you can guess the theme by the pictures.
We had wine...

We had cookies...

We had a nice spread all-around.

And I've been rock climbing quite a bit as well. Joel and Rand took me outdoors for the third time ever yesterday and I had a blast. We climbed Castle Rock up Boulder Canyon and I did my first ever rappel. It was the scariest part of the day for me. Of course my first time rappelling we do a full 60m (2 ropes tied together) in the snow, but even by the end I was feeling much more comfortable.
That's a big rock! See me up there? This was my "oh shit" moment of the day.

I'm not sure if the smile is because of the thrill or because I'm almost at the ground.

JoJo had a Birthday a couple weeks ago!

And because I'm very goal oriented and I always have to be targeting something - I've found something new to train for. This is what Davy Mac and I are shooting for at the 2014 Sochi Games!


Anonymous said...

You are gonna look good in pink and yellow in 2014!

AJ Samuelson said...

I was thinking of Nordic Combined or Biathlon. I would imagine you could XC ski very well and the ski jumping can't be that hard.

Anonymous said...

Dude, NSFW.

MikeCreed said...

Your a silly goose.

Lyne said...

Begs the question: top or bottom?