Friday, January 29, 2010


I write this post armed with a big bowl of ice cream and the Hustle & Flow soundtrack blaring:
As expected (though hope plays funny games with your mind), the 'B' sample of my urine has come back confirming the presence of an exogenous anabolic in my system from the Aug. 29, 2009 test. I expect USADA to come back with a 2 year sanction any day now but I'm tired of waiting for them so I decided to let everyone know what's going on. There will probably be a hearing in a few months whereas I will proclaim my innocence. We all know the drill! How many times have we been through this with this sport? I even secured one of those lawyer fellas to help me through this. We are still attempting to figure out how this happened and I'm optimistic that we'll have an answer in time for the hearing.
I'm sorry that this is more negative press for the sport of cycling, but that is the least of my worries right now. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to share encouraging and supportive words to me. "Keep hustlin'. it ain't over for me. no, it ain't over for me. keep flowin'. i'm gonna step my game up and get what's comin' to me." I love it - that's what playing on the iTunes right now. I guess I should come back from this?
Remember to keep perspective.


Ian Stanford said...

Dude, we talked about this. A bump in the road. A big bump but one that someone as freak'in strong as you can and SHOULD come back from. We know the story, and all the doubters can stay just that. As always, I know you are nothing but a clean rider and outspoken to it as well. Stay with it Tom. Don't make me come back out there to slap your giant ass to keep you on the bike. You have many good years in you. As long as you know your innocence the rest of the naysayers can you-know-what off. Get back on the bike, get on the riders in Boulder, do your time, and come back stronger than ever. That sir, is the ability of your true character.

Anonymous said...


jmvbike said...


Life has it sometimes that when we are just beginning to live our dreams we are given new challenges to overcome to test out mettle along the way.

Perhaps this is to test our resolve,self belief & worthiness in the task at hand.

I have no doubt this is a simple mistake and have faith in your innocence.

I agree with Ian Stanford that you need to push on in cycling as you are clearly such a special talent and are doing what you are meant to do.

I really hope you guys can identify
a tainted supplement as that will do much to clear your name.

Maybe you can look at Scott Moninger as a guide?

Scott is another great champion who made it through a similar situation,kept his dignity intact and went back to kicking ass when his time was done!

Wishing you the best Tom,

Take care

Jeff Vibert

flyr415 said...

Tom, I recall your first 10k foot race [I think.] It was Des Moines, Iowa, and I was doing the marathon. The 10k runners started after the marathoners, and when you came loping up beside me [were you 13 years old?] I hailed you. You were surprised to see me there, for some reason, but asked me for advice. I said "pick it up a bit". You did, and, all these years later, your history is being made. I would repeat that advice today, if you were to ask. Uncle Don wishes you well.

Anonymous said...

Well I for one hope you have put on that Team Hanson jeresy and you will ride with our team some time. Let's see a pic with that thing on your back some time. Keep turnin' over the peddles it's still a great way to see the view and meet some nice folks.

The other uncle Don

myles mc corry said...

Hea Tom, difficult to write as i dont trust you were unaware about the DHEA. All pros and most amateur cyclists take their training/ food/supplements seriously and know exactly ,or find out the contents or everything entering their body.

I have been a close follower of your career and had deep respect, Cheered for you on the worlds course last year.! sad.

If when reality bites and you want to come clean, please contact and we will give you a fair ear.Please show respect to your fellow athletes, and begin the repair.

Anonymous said...

Myles wrote: "All pros and most amateur cyclists take their training/ food/supplements seriously and know exactly ,or find out the contents or everything entering their body."

Heck, I know several pros personally (including Tom) and I don't know a single one of them that knows exactly what is in everything entering their bodies. It is not like that information is easy to come by. As this multi-month process has shown - chemical analysis is not exactly an easy, quick, simple or cheap process. I really doubt any pro is having every food or supplement they consume chemically analyzed by a lab. And, I'm certain all the amateur racers are not doing it.


Anonymous said...

hang yourself in your closet

Rob N said...

Hey Tom,

You are on the right track. Keep focused.

It sucks not being believed by "the world" and "followers". Know that your friends really do know you. We know that you aren't a doper -- maybe a dope, but that's ok, we love you anyway. :)

Keep up the good spirits, and practice up on your ping-pong!


Anonymous said...

This just seems like a great time to give Leadville a shot!!!

Amazing people can do amazing things. You're an amazing cyclist and no doubt you'll bounce back!


liz carlson said...

Tom, Just saw the news and wanted to send you a little support. Anyone who knows or who's ever met you will know something is off. It's no surprise to see you're handling this with character, class and integrity. Keep your chin up.

Zanyzapper said...

Hey Tom, the egg slayer from southland here! Mate, sorry to here the news and all. I'm sure this all come out in the wash. Till then keep the head up. Cheers Zane

hubert said...

not really sure what to say, or whether or not i should say anything at all but here goes. cycling, or the history of it, will turn most into skeptics. an unfortunate consiquence but a reality nonetheless. however, as a 'bigger' (6'2, etc) rider myself i drew quite a bit of inspiration from a rider like yourself 'making it.' this situation puts a fan like myself at a crossroads because fairly, or unfairly, people tie their own aspirations upon professionals whom they feel have analogous traits to themselves as a means of validating their own goals. so, in a way, i'm bummed. if my skepticism prevails i linger in the disappointment that us mortals may never make it 'naturally. however, if my optimism prevails (which is born out of my belief that you're a straight-up kinda guy) then i say fight like hell. make a case, prove it with undeniable science and force the system to reevaluate the way it enforces its policies. we've seen cases of supplement contamination in the past. putting aside my personal bias and favoritism for you as a rider, and speaking as a scientist who has worked in GMP facilities. it is not outside the realm of possibility that you unknowingly ingested a contaminated supplement. i hope this is what ultimately clears you. in the end, i don't know if it matters, becuase i owe you a tremendous thanks. your solo charge in that rainy, shitty day at the ToC where you went off solo was an inspiring and courageous effort that really resonated with me. i hope you're cleared without sanction. not only because i want to silence my skepticism and continue believe in my own ridiculous proish fantasies, but, more importantly, because i want to believe that 'good guys' in this sport truly exist. so, with that said, i wish you good luck.

william hall said...

dude you are another stain on the sport of cycling. you're a doper and a cheat. i hope you are suspended for 2 years. maybe you will learn, but then again...this sport seems to be filled with idiots who don't learn their lesson. like tyler hamilton a 2 time loser.

i have no sympathy or respect for you.

Anonymous said...


Ian Stanford said...

Seriously, all you that have bad and negative stuff to write, and come in as "Anonymous" likewise are no better than the issue you are criticizing. If you are so concerned about doping in our sport, you have the time to harrass Tom, and this issue means so much to you then put your name on it! Until then, back to the bleachers with you or get back in your cave. Remember, it was Tom who announced the results of his test, not USADA.

T Staton said...

Hey Tom -

Best of luck in your fight to clear your name. We all know it is an uphill battle to do so given the current doping issues in the cycling world.

I know a lot of the guys on the Luther CC team that ran against you in college wish you the best for a swift return to competition and your winning ways!


Anonymous said...

you know you fucking cheated. just admit it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, is Bike Pure “Judge, Jury, and Executioner” all in one !

I’m all for a Dope Free peloton, but these Bike Pure guys can be over the freaking top. Reminds me of a lynch mob that doesn’t want to wait for the facts, “let’s just hang him right now boys !” The arrogance and self righteousness is pathetic. I got turned off by the likes of these type of people when I read about their positions on Lance Armstrong, how he must be a doper therefore he is, he just hasn’t been caught yet ?

I think this guy is pathetic in prejudging Tom before anyone has had their day in court or a chance to clear himself.

I went out to eat for dinner just last week and have no freaking idea what I eat or what was in it, all I know is that it all came it out a few days later and it stinks as bad as these types and those like you who see boogey men in everyone who has a sample go bad.

Give this a few months and if it’s true and he knowingly took the band substance, THEN put him on the cross and crucify him as a doper. When Blackbottoms came out with the Bike Pure jerseys a year ago, I read about what you guys where all about and thought it was a good thing until I saw how you publically lambast and talk shirt about who “YOU” have deemed to be the evil doper with or without evidence. Doping is sad and your handling of “suspected” dopers is equally as sad and a real turn off.

To Tom, if you did it on purpose, you deserve to be banned and you are a pathetic POS, but if you truly don’t know how it happened, then you deserve a chance to clear yourself, please do so swiftly and clearly so others can avoid any accidental exposure, Good luck.

Jody said...

Tom, you should definitely come back from this! Matt and I had our best "vacations" watching you race and we're gonna need some more vacations in the next few years. So work your butt off training, come back and kick even more butt! Matt and I will need to make a roadtrip to Boulder sometime and he can help you "train." :) Enjoy your ice cream!
The Clemens Family

Anonymous said...

Hope your trial goes a little better than Floyd Landis. He had distinguished doctors testify for him, clear evidence of lab cheating its own process thru data leaks, data cover-up, incorrect identifiers for his samples, hard-drives missing, non-standard (against other labs) criteria for synthetic T. (ie. would have been negative result in US labs). Plus having the panel stacked against him.. he was innocent, and lost a good chunk of his money, his wife, folks died, etc.. Ie.. you might want to just take a 2 year vacation.. unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Christ Tom what were you thinking!

I have raced against you for ten years , always with respect. When you beat me, I was never bitter.

My Kid has a poster of you on her wall! (not one of me!)

Take up the Bike-Pure offer. They will give you a platform to clear your name or confess.

Keep safe what ever you do.


Brock said...

Blind faith, but that's where I'm at for you. I have no proof except your word and that's good enough for me. I know that doesn't stand much of anywhere but it still means something to us. Don't stop fighting or living the dream.


TomZ said...

and the winner is....
"hang yourself in your closet"!!!!
Wow. I guess passions run high in this sport. With regard to "coming clean", I will tell you this - USADA gave me an offer to admit guilt and presumably lessen my suspension. I'm not sure what that reduced suspension would have been and I don't care. I would rather take a lifetime ban from this sport than admit to knowingly taking a banned substance and compromise everything I stand for.

Anonymous said...


Yes, passions do run high in this sport, and so does stupidity. Bike Pure is just as evil as any doper in my book. They would've crucified Jesus as well... If "Myles" doesn't understand something he thinks he should fly his flag of self-righteousness because his own shit doesn't bother him. I can assure you that it stinks though, just like all of us. No one is a completely honest and perfect person, but Myles, William, and especially Mr. Anonymous thinks they can cast stones without evidence. I deplore acts of doping as much as anyone, but I still see the dopers as fallible humans, capable of making great mistakes, yet capable of doing great deeds at the same time. Cycling is a "sport" people! We do this for fun! Tom does it for a living, but not for the money I can assure you. Don't treat this sport as a god because it is not. I raced professionally for 8 years and loved it, but it is ridiculous for anyone to say "hang yourself" for the "possibility" of not racing fair. I was watching motocross last night and I saw a guy force another off the course so that he could win, and although he didn't win, he wouldn't have been punished regardless. Guys commit fouls, illegal defense, unnecessary roughness, and all sorts of other acts and it is normal and ok. (other sports even have drugs folks) Cycling has followers that will spew all sorts of crap throughout the sport so that their little vicious voices can be heard. Pasting their criticisms all over the news, cyclilng communities, or blogs so that their precious egos can be seen and heard. Pathetic.

Tom, in my book you are a wonderful person who happens to be capable of riding a bike at a high level. That is great! Whether we know you or not you will be judged, but know that those who deem you innocent are not the loud mouths that will scream murder at the top of their lungs. That noise you hear is merely the self righteous, lost-souls who wish they could've been great too. Jealously is every bit as bad as doping folks... Regardless of any of this, cycling doesn't define you (or anyone), and you are still great for who you are, not for what people say or think. Your prowess in character overshadows your freaky strength on the bike any day. Keep your head up Tom!

Anonymous said...

Tom - we all know you're innocent, but of course I'm so sorry that we can't do anything about it - lets believe one day some body can prove it!
today on I saw this, about Dutch steeplechaser who was banned and now proven innocent:,1&sl=nl&tl=en

best greetings from fellow ex runner cyclist,

Anonymous said...

Man, some of your fans (I presume that people who take the time to read and then write on somebody's blog are fans) don't listen very well do they. You may have a peculiar sense of humor and you may love ice cream in large quantities, but from what I have seen those are your worst qualities. You have always been loving, honest, very friendly and a heck of a hard worker. And you are very much like your Grampa Zirbel when it comes to all of those qualities. And I continue to be very proud of you.

PS. Do you spose ice cream could be a product of some of those 'all-too-happy California cows' we see on the commercials? There's something being fed to those critters that are making them so exceptional....
Aunty D.

Anonymous said...

Real class Bike Pure, real class... The sport would be better off without the likes of you. Its one thing to be outspoken on anti doping, but to be outspoken by pointing fingers? You guys are clueless. Do you think you're really protecting the sport? I can tell you that you are not. You are as much wrong in your actions as the doping itself. Being hypocrites and dragging the sport through more unjustified mud is ridiculous. Be anti dope, but don't be self righteous idiots. The world has enough idiots. I'm refreshed that Tom doesn't lash out at you like I would if I were him.

Anonymous said...

Hea Tom, difficult to write as i only completed about 3 grades of school. All pros and most amateur cyclists take their training/ food/supplements seriously and know exactly ,or find out the contents or everything entering their body with microscopes and science and .

I have been a close stalker of your career and had deep awkward feelings, Cheered for you on the worlds course last year.! sad.

If when reality bites and you want to come visit, please contact and we will give you an ear.Please demonstrate our power, and act like you're guilty.
joseph mccarthy

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, to the awesome post above.

EGGZACTLY what I was thinking!

Jeff Vibert said...

Thoughts for the various IDIOTS & COWARDS.........

Sadly, many of the idiots posting on Tom Z's forum really can't appreciate just how INCREDIBLE of a talent Tom is.

And probably they are jaded because of the many cheats and dopers in the sport of cycling in the past.

And some of the biggest idot's who posted seem to be running a business with a fancy website in regards to this issue.

But with all that said,

Personally, I have watched this guy Tom first hand at a local level in Colorado,...... In fact I was competing against him! enter the sport of cycling as a "beginner" and with seemingly ease, rise at an amazing pace to the highest levels.


Many of the riders Tom was destroying had been in the sport much longer and on paper they should have been much stronger with all the specific training on the bike under their belt.

(I can already hear it!.....
The idot's suspecting he doped from day one).......GIVE ME A BREAK!

So at the same time,

If the doubters want to think he just came out out of nowhere and he must have doped to have his success........all they need to do is research his running back ground and success.

This guy Tom was destroying people running before he came in to cycling.

On top of this,from the very begening Tom worked his ass off to make the most of his talent!

It's so easy to lump all the pros together and and think of the past dopers and just assume the worst.

But given what I have seen of Tom from the very beginning, I believe in him.

I would ask the many IDIOT'S who seem to be enjoying themselves hiding behind an anonymous post taking popshot's at the guy while undoubtedly he is going through one of the worts situations of his life to please have some respect and give Tom time to investigate what happened before you rush to pass judgement.

Thank You


Jeff Vibert

Anonymous said...

be careful, joe papp may have dirt on you., lol

D Tucker said...

Good job Bike Queer! This sport wouldln't be the same without all the idiots like you. I agree with several of the other posts; you are just hurting the sport worse when you publicly and self-righteously kick those who are down. We've already read the headlines... So why do you need your voice heard so badly? Its only official to you if you put your stamp on it. Or Tom can be only be exonerated if he comes to you and publicly admits guilt? Who do you people think you are? Really?

Kevin in Minneapolis said...

Sorry to hear that the b sample came back positive. Why DHEA is even tested for is beyond me. It is not a performance enhancing steroid. It is also very abundant in everybody so I find it difficult to believe there is a reliable test for it. Best wishes to you Tom. I hope you make it through this tough time stronger and more determined.

OL GREG said...

I think this video sums up what everyone is thinking

Tom, you're still my fuzzy little man peach. Do ya love me?

Timmo said...

This sport if also full of uninformed yet highly opinionated people too.

Haters, go ride a bike.

Ride on bro!

Anonymous said...


Your old pal Matt again!
Hang in there! These people who are bashing you on here have no clue on what kind of person you are and I hope you find them very entertaining since they are just jealous that they have no talent or class at all like you. What your aunt wrote just reminded of your Grandpa. I was just thinking about how I used to spend the night there when we were kids. I remember all the clocks, and for sure the ice cream!!
Take care bro,

Matt B
...hook me up with a poster!

Anonymous said...

all I can come up with is the fact that your body under hard pressure on that day produced more of something to protect itself... and of course the result of the test was combination of few things not just one... as you mentioned you didn't have enough water, you ate this not that, your hormones were at this natural lever not other and who knows what else, but it was nothing what you could really plan or do differently...

it's like in 'Outliners' by Malcolm Gladwell - he talks about successful people who weren't born special/smarter/better; at some point many little but important things lined up perfectly for them to open in front of them this great opportunity, which they grabbed it!

Tom, stay in good spirits!

Anonymous said...

God dam French.

Anonymous said...

I know Tom, he's better then most of us and more honest then all of us.

Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell Mr. McCory and Pure means very little. Just a lobby group that knows little and talks too much. I doubt that he's ever even been on a bike much less competed. He has no idea of the grind of raceing. I can't even tell what city I'm in after a few days of racing much less what food/drink I've had. And who stops to read labels at every place you visit or where the water came from etc.

Anonymous said...

Tom, I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of you for the way you're handling this mess. Even though we all know you are innocent of knowingly taking any tainted substance, you have never played the blame game. This is definitely a test of your true character and you're coming through with flying colors.
For all of you doubters, I know first hand of Tom's
honesty, loyalty, and caring for his fellow man. I know he would never do anything to jeopardize his career or taint the sport in any way. He considers riding his bike in competition the best thing in life. To even think he would chance spoiling that is ridiculous.
Yes, I am related to Tom. I am his aunt. Because of this, and the fact that I live close to Redlands, California (this is where the Redlands Bicycle Classic is held each year), he stays with us during the competition. I have seen the way he trains and how he prepares for these races. It was not uncommon for him to leave the house on a training ride and not return for four hours and 100 miles later. He does not need to rely on anything but strength, sheer guts and determination.
I truly believe that testing for this sport needs to "clean"up their act - Not Tom Zirbel
Keep your head up Tom, we know you've not done anything wrong.
Love ya, Aunt Margaret

Scott said...

This is definitely a test of your true character and you're coming through with flying colors.


If anything can overshadow the success you have had on the bike, it's the character and class you have shown during these tough times. The world needs more people like you Tom.

"Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing."

Abraham Lincoln

Being the big guy you are, your casting a big shadow, and right now there has been a lot of dust kicked up, but when all the dust settles, your tree will stand tall and everyone will see your true character.

Take care Tom.
For anyone who has seen your tree is behind you, and that is all you need.

Abby said...

Who are these assholes writing mean things about my friend Tom-hang yourself in a closet? Are you kidding me?
I think we need to gain some perspective here and remember we are talking about a SPORT!!! A SPORT.
As a coach and athlete, I love sports as much as the next person but the real tragedy here is not the issue with doping or suspicions of doping in cycling but the fact that people are being crucified personally and who's integrity is being dragged through the mud because a substance that doesn't even help an athlete, is on a banned list.
I realize this is America (not Russia, Mitchell:)) and there is a thing such as freedom of speech, but without knowing someone and saying the brutal, douchebag, ignorant things, some of these people are saying about someone they do not know is disgusting to see.
Many of us are posting in support of Zirbel because we KNOW him and LOVE him and BELIEVE him. Those of you who are go online just to bash people you don't know seem to have more issues then I can address here. A cyclist who unknowingly ingested a substance that does not improve his performance should not be told to commit suicide. It's a sport for crying out loud. And Zirbel isn't just a cyclist he's a lot more then that and more people will see it as he works to clear his name and in what has been evident in how he has handled this situation.
Zirbs, I'm proud of you. Its too bad those who criticize don't know you because then they wouldn't be saying psychotic, ignorant, and down right mean things.

phazelag said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
phazelag said...


I admire your attitude. I know what its like to be held back from your dream by something beyond your control that most wont understand. One of your relatives rides with us out here in SoCal once in a while and we are all pulling for you!

I got past my hurdle and got sweet redemption and you will too.

Carl L. said...

I find it amusing that the Tom fans (of which I was one) are coming out against BikePure. Everyone needs someone to blame- If Tom is innocent, Who is to Blame? the accusers? I doubt BikePure did any of the doping.
As far as I can see they are the ones trying to protect our sport.

I visited Tom's blog to see an update/explanation and was greeted by this... Delighted to see tom has friends but nothing from Tom. Think the above should redirect their efforts at a solution.
Carl L.