Thursday, September 11, 2008

Missouri update

Those of you giving me a hard time about lack of updates - this will have to do. Now get off my back!!! (Matt, Don, et al) :)
The TT yesterday didn't go so well for me. I felt flat about the whole day and really haven't been feeling all that great for weeks now. I'm not sick or anything, I just think the long season is starting to wear on me a bit. We have 4 days of racing left in the season though, so it's a good time to let it all hang out, take some chances, and have fun racing.
My Dad and uncle Don came to Stages 2 & 3, which was cool. At this time of year, I'll take any form of extra motivation I can get. Rumor has it I could get a Mom appearance this weekend too. Lucky me!
So, if you'd like better race updates and pictures, etc. - I suggest you visit Lyne is at all the races (it seems) and does an awesome job of covering the races, taking pics, and providing unique insights. Plus, if you scroll down through her ToMissouri posts, you'll find my latest fashion choice with regards to haircut and facial hair and an opportunity for you to vote 'yay' or 'nay'. Good for cheap entertainment. Thanks for reading. And the countdown continues....4 to go.


Mike Neary said...

Tom -

It was great to meet you at the TT. Sorry your day didn't go better, but glad to see you made it into the break today. Good luck your last 4 days!


Anonymous said...

I've been keeping tabs on you this week...I knew nothing about bike racing until I saw you Saturday the 6th in Kansas City! The guy we were with knew quite a bit so I was learning from him. WOW...I'm still amazed at how all the events played out. I really had no idea what I was in for when I went to the dinner that night...I just knew I had to find some dress to wear and that I would get to enjoy some good, free food!

The night was so much better when I heard your name and saw you...incredible! I was getting interested in what racing was all about and had fun seeing the teams introduced on stage. Finally, I turned around to eat my dinner and then immediately spun back around when I heard your name!!! I was so proud to know you!!!

Anyway, I have been learning a little about bike racing and have had fun reading about you as I have "Googled" your name. When I was watching you ride on Day one, I was downtown Kansas City, I told folks around me I know that guy. It was neat seeing you on TV with the breakaway group!

Tom, hope you are enjoying your time in Missouri...and I will be googling you from time-to-time! Way to have always been one mentally tough, focused, determined guy...I'm proud of you!

Take care,
Erin (Van Zee) Whalley