Sunday, May 11, 2008

Keep on truckin...

On to that "recovery" stage where everything goes slower and takes longer than you hope/expect. I rode the trainer a couple days ago with some success but today I don't feel well enough to even walk around. No complaining though, Esparza from Tecos, who crashed on the same descent as me, is still in rough shape in El Paso. They have set up a fund to help pay for his medical bills. Donations can be sent to:
Wells Fargo Bank
1201 N. Pope St.
Silver City, NM 88061

Attention: Fausto Munoz Esparza Donation Fund

Next month, I plan to be doing this! But for now, will have to settle for this...on my good days:
this scuzzball hadn't showered since the crash 5 days previous!


Huck said...

is it hard to type with one and a half hands?!

Anonymous said...

Your extended family is glad to hear your crash isn't any worse. We hope you are back on the bike soon and killin' 'em again. See you in Minnesota hopefully.

Don & Doreen

Ian Stanford said...

Ya, shower. I can even smell you through your blog. Hopefully you make it to the NVGP.