Monday, March 17, 2008

Sprinter time!

Sprinter: that time between winter and spring when you are just as likely to get 60 degrees and sunny as 5 in. of snow and freezing. coined by T-bird. Right now, it's the latter in Boulder.
So I did a local TT last week that you can read about on the Bissell Team site. It was an interesting day. This coming weekend, I'll take part in one or two local crits before shipping back to Cali for some more racing with the team. The local crits can be found here. Then it's the San Dimas Stage Race followed by Redlands. After that will be my first ever big, bad Tour de Georgia, followed by Gila. Should be a little knackered after that stretch of racing.
My fitness is still pretty good I think, despite taking a nice rest after the AToC and then getting a little tummy bug last week.
The Bissell Boys have been doing well in Cali this month (even without me?!?). BJM has scored a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the 4 races that I've seen results from. A good solid array, I'd say. Zwiza ran a good TT and Joao put out a good crit result this past weekend at the Sequoia Classic as well. And I hear that Teddy has been putting the hurt on the locals over in the Asheville area.
Now, I'm not to going to complain about the weather cuz I know it's been pretty rough for most everyone around the country this year but I found it amusing to get 3 forms of precip on my ride yesterday. It started once I got above 8000 ft when it started to snow on me. Then about an hour later following my descent back to the flats, I got the 30mph headwind hail, which was less than pleasant. Then I finishd off the ride with about 30min. of light rain. Ah, Colorado. Not known for its consistency. Don't want to get soft anyway, right?
Oh, and I broke down and got me one of them fancy computers that I can haul around on the road with my hipster self. Point being, no excuse not to keep this blog thingee frequently updated. All I'm saying is I'll try (I'm talking to you C.B.). Thanks for reading!

Today's pick-me-up: try not to smile when viewing this photo. Jake (2.5 yrs) and Aida (9 mos) get ready for a Ft. Collins 5k run this past weekend.


mtb05girl said...

Hey Tom-
You probably don't know me, but I'm from Burlington, IA. I moved out to Fort Collins in August. I was reading your post about the Frostbite TT. Are you planning on racing this weekend in Greeley and Boulder?

Thor said...

Planning on it...if the weather cooperates (it IS sprinter time). Introduce yourself if you see me - we Iowayans need to stick together .

WELLS! said...

You pussy!