Monday, May 28, 2007

Summer Time!

Since Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, I thought I'd post some summery pics for the occasion.
This is a scenic overlook of Ole Miss with my buddy the General. I have to say I was quite impressed with the caliber of riding in NE Iowa! Just so you know, Lee is a cat. 1 racer but he's no slave to fashion.

This is the midpoint of my favorite area ride - Estes Park. That white building is the Stanley Hotel, I believe. (Think "The Shining")
Matt and I on a country road heading to Ft. Collins to meet up with Joel who was riding down from Laramie, WY.
Matt and I lounging in easy chairs drinking coffee as Joel slays himself into a massive headwind trying to meet us in Ft. Collins.

Following our rendevous and subsequent ride back to Boulder, we had time and just enough energy to bbq, swim, hottub it, and do a little posing as well. This accentuates my attractive tan lines. Take your eyes of my impressive guns for a second and notice my bib tan line on my back. Somehow I'm tanning through my jersey as well! As a result, I'm accepting applications from women who could apply sunscreen to my back daily before my rides.

Logan utilizing his uncanny ability to take group photos at arm's length. Lev, Carri, Matt, Joel, and Logan.
Memorial Day in Boulder also means Bolder Boulder 10k time, which just happens to start 40m from our deck. 50,000+ people racing, walking, jogging, or roaming aimlessly past our place this morning. This photo inadvertantly caught the kid in the grey shirt hopping the fence to run bandit. I've already alerted the proper authorities.
Have a good summer everyone!


Anonymous said...

"Logan utilizing his uncanny ability to take group photos at arm's length. Lev, Carri, Matt, Joel, and Logan. " AND A NAKED TOM ZIRBEL!

Thor said...

I wasn't completely naked - I had on a banana hammock....ooh, too far?
kick some ass at Hood BJM!!!

Ian Stanford said...

Dude, the rule of Thumb at your apartment is to flee town as soon as possible before they fence you in for the Boulder-Boulder. You stayed? At least fill up a couple hundred water baloons and rain some "hell from above" down onto the unexpecting runners.

Anonymous said...

WTF?! Are you back to racing? What's the story??? Your fans want to know!

Thor said...

No racing for me yet, just lots of low intensity training. I get my leg checked out at the end of June and if all is well, I go off the blood thinners and start racing in mid July.

Anonymous said...

can't wait to get you back in action big buddy. we need ya out here!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you're able to be on the bike, even if it's not what you would like it to be. Good luck. Hope things go as planned and you're able to get back to racing soon. Of course, getting healthy is the most important thing right now.