Sunday, March 18, 2007

March can be a long month

I'm in the final week of my nearly 3 month stint in this fine state of California and I have to say that it's been fun, the weather has been phenomenal, and we've done some good hard racin', but MAN I can't wait to get back to Boulder! We've got a crit this afternoon, then we head down to Redlands where Aunt Margaret and Uncle Jim will host some of the team again and we do our best to help Ben keep on his winning ways. That should prove to be quite the challenge. Then Garrett, Benno, and I will high-tail it to Boulder by van.
Ben had another stellar ride yesterday by crushing the field in a challenging 30k TT. Unfortunately, I was not feeling my oats and had a very sub-par ride on a course that suited me very well. It's disappointing because I know these opportunities are few and far between but at least we scored another NRC victory! (I use the term "we" loosely) Ben is in another league right now and I think the rest of the dudes in the peloton are a little scared of him at the moment. Tonight we try to set up Emile to a sprint victory which will be difficult with Toyota and others in full force.
I can't wait to see some fam in a couple of days and all my boulder buds soon after. To all my family and friends: give me a call, email, or blog comment if we haven't spoken recently. I'd like to reconnect following this California hiatus. Take care.

We're getting used to this sight. This is Ben after wrapping up the overall at Central Valley.

Progress report: Week 3.
Omer has joined me in the quest to look trashy (or a gentlemanly sophistication?) note: this pic has not been altered or enhanced in any way.
This is a common scene at the host family house. Hours have been spent playing the old school Gameboy Tetris in the official gaming chair. As Teddy lamented recently, "I can't sleep because I'm visualizing Tetris moves when I close my eyes" small price to pay for the glory of a high score.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom!!!

We are having such a blast following you and the team. And you are doing so darned well. Wish we could get out there to witness the events first-hand. We could bring you boys a few Irish setters that you could lounge around and exercise too. I know Margaret and Jim would love that. Talked with her yesterday. She's looking forward to your visit. She was already cooking up some goodies. Keep the rubber on the road and have lots of fun!!! I'll try to keep your Dad out of trouble next week when we go to Oregon. Doreen

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving Omer insperation on the mustash! Lovely :)It just so happens that I have my old school gameboy with an extra tetris game! I will have to send it to Omer and then you guys won't have to fight over it. Keep up the good work and have fun!
(Omer's girlfriend)

Thor said...

Wow, what a catch! A girl who likes mustaches and owns a Tetris Gameboy??? Sounds like one in a million (or at least a couple thousand). Thanks for the support!