Thursday, July 27, 2006

No Soup for You!

My body isn't happy with me right now. I pulled the plug after completing 2 of 3 laps in today's race. All systems were beginning to shut down just like 80 miles into the race yesterday. I've had a sore throat with occasional cough since Mon. evening, but the kicker was the constant achiness and lack of energy. Time to shut it down and let the recovery begin. The King brothers are both still sitting good on GC so that will be the focus for the rest of the race. I will now turn into soigneur extradinaire and help out where I can - but I don't do massages, so don't ask.
Hey - for all of you Priority Health Faithfuls, there will be a friends and family team gear order going through if you would like to get your hands on some sweet team goodies. We have bibs, jerseys, t-shirts (3 colors), fleeces, hooded sweatshirts, ball caps, polo shirts, 3 season jackets, knit beanies, gear bags and even foldup chairs all for sale if you so desire. Prices aren't stellar but they're not too steep so send me an email or a comment if you're interested. The order is supposed to go in Sun. night so you'll have to act fast (sounds like a shady car dealership). Sorry that the online store has taken so long but this just goes to show you that constant complaining really does get results.
I forgot my camera on this trip but I'll try to borrow one so I can get some hot race action photos in the next few days.


Todd Juhlin said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey take care of that machine you call a body. You are carrying some of the best genes in the US, ya know. (can't tell i'm related can ya?) Don and I would like a couple of jerseys - large and an extra large please. Let us know how much money etc. Don and Doreen

Huck said...

Can i get a massage please? my legs are a bit tight. seriously thor, i need one... NOW!

Brent Bookwalter said...

masterful bloggins zirbel. seriously i appreciate it, its the only way i can truly stay in the loop with how you guys are doing. hope the crit went good today. i'll be clicking refresh waiting to find out.

l.lantz said...

Viva el mulleto!